Hulk Hogan to the Rescue

Most criminal cases I handle are routine. Sometimes, especially dealing with  mentally impaired defendants, I need to get creative.   

I was assigned a case of a developmentally disabled young man who lived in a care home. He was a huge fan of Hulk Hogan, the world-famous wrestler. One morning, while this young man and his housemates were waiting for the public bus to take them to the assembly line where they worked, he decided to impersonate his wrestling hero. As a woman stepped from the bus, he “body slammed” her to the ground and pinned her.  To his utter horror and surprise, the woman screamed and started crying. That never happened on television! The other wrestlers never cried. The young man was in total shock. He was in even more shock when the police arrived and arrested him for assault and battery.   

The defendant had the mental capacity of a young child. He was not fully responsible for his actions. I was initially frustrated with how to resolve the case. The man did not deserve jail time. He could not pay a fine. He did not have the capacity to complete community service. However, I needed to do something to impress upon him that he could not wrestle strangers on the street. My ultimate concern is always protecting the safety of the public.

When I learned from the defendant’s psychologist that the young man idolized Hulk Hogan, I got an idea. I asked the public defender investigator to track down the address of “the Hulk’s” agent. I then wrote a letter to “the Hulk” asking for his help. I explained the situation and detailed what I needed.

Several weeks later I received a large envelope from Hulk Hogan. Inside, was an 8 by 10-inch glossy photo of “the Hulk.” Below a written message was the Hulk’s autograph. The message read, “To Bobby, one of my best fans. Always remember, never wrestle people without their consent. The Hulk.” I was very impressed that this famous celebrity would take the time to accommodate my request and help this fan.

I scheduled a court appearance for the defendant. I conducted a special ceremony where I presented him the photo of “the Hulk,” which I had framed. I told the young man that I wanted him to put the picture on the wall of his room so that he would always remember to never wrestle with a stranger again. It worked. After a year with no further problems, I dismissed his case, and I never saw him in court again.

2 thoughts on “Hulk Hogan to the Rescue

  1. What a heartfelt story, exercised by like-wisdom of King Solomon.

    I’ve enjoyed your stories thus far Brett, and look forward to more insight that you will share about people and life, that I might obtain not only entertainment but deeper understanding and wisdom of life…
    – Thank you…


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