More Stupid Criminals

Selling Drugs to an Officer in Uniform

If criminals are dumb, then young inexperienced juvenile criminals are the dumbest.

I prosecuted a very dumb teenage marijuana dealer. A police officer was on patrol near the parking lot of a high school in Huntington Beach, CA. The officer was in full uniform and driving a marked black and white police car.

Image result for photo huntington beach police car

 He saw a small group of students huddled together in the school parking lot. One of the students appeared to be handing suspicious looking baggies to the other students. The recipients appeared to be handing cash back to the baggie provided. It looked like marijuana drug sales were taking place.

 As the officer slowly drove his squad car into the school parking lot, the drug buyers scattered, leaving only the dealer. He was looking down counting his cash and didn’t notice the police car.

The officer stopped his car next to the dealer and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” came the reply. 

The officer said, “I need to buy some sh– from you.” 

The teenager said, “I can’t sell to you; you’re a cop.” 

The officer responded, “Hey, we’ve all got to get it from somewhere.”  

The student then sold the officer a baggie of marijuana, whereupon the officer placed him under arrest for illegal sales of narcotics. The dealer pled guilty. It would have been too humiliating to go to trial.

Selling Heroin to the Same Officer Twice

We have seen the public service commercials where it shows an egg being fried in a skillet with the caption, “This is your brain on drugs.” Well, drugs can certainly scramble a person’s brain. One such person was a dumb drug dealer in Laguna Beach, California.

Drugs, Addict, Addiction, Problem

 An undercover officer bought heroin from a drug dealer along the beach. The officer arrested the dealer and booked him into jail. 

 The dealer was cited and released from jail the following morning. He found his way back to the same area and started “setting up shop.” 

 In the evening, he saw a likely customer. The dealer walked up to the potential customer and sold him heroin, whereupon he was placed under arrest.

  It was the same undercover officer he had sold drugs to the previous day. When the officer reminded the dealer about the prior arrest, the dealer sheepishly explained, “I thought you looked familiar.”

“We don’t catch the smart ones.”

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