The Day I Got Phone Calls from Jesus Christ and Brigham Young

For us old codgers, the high-tech advances over the years have been both amazing and bewildering.

I couldn’t wait to install Caller ID on our house phone. I was getting tired of the annoying phone solicitations and robo-calls.

After Caller ID was installed I waited in eager anticipation for the first phone call.

The phone rang, and the mechanical voice proclaimed: “you … have … a … call … from … Jesus … Christ.”

Halleluiah!  Praise the Lord!

I cleared my voice and tried to answer as reverently as possible, “Hello?

“This is Bishop Smith calling from church.”

I guess the Caller ID picked up the name “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” and reduced it to “Jesus Christ.

The Bishop said, “You sound disappointed.”

I meant no disrespect, but I thought the Lord was calling, not one of his servants.

A short time later I got my second call. After the phone rang the mechanical voice announced: “You … have … a … call … from … Brigham … Young.” 

Since Brigham Young is one of my many heroes, this call was almost as exciting as the call from Jesus.

When I answered I was disappointed that the call was from Brigham Young University asking for a donation.

So much for Caller ID!

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