I Survived Three Murder Attempts – In Childhood

I have a wonderful older sister. She is one of the kindest, compassionate, and selfless people I know. She has been a great example to me and others. I could not have asked for a better older sibling.

Of course, sibling rivalry and the family “pecking order” are both natural and universal in childhood. I survived 3 unintentional murder attempts — as a young child.  It was the same culprit, my beloved older child sister.

Strangled by Sedan Power Windows

My grandfather Stromberg loved to buy new cars with the latest gadgets. In the 1950’s he bought a Hudson sedan that had new power windows.  At that time, the windows had to be raised all the way to the top before they could be rolled down again.   

My sister and I were left alone in the car. (That was a common practice in those days.)  I stuck my head out the car window.  Suddenly, my homicidal sister pushed the “up” button on the window.

The window went up and only stopped after squeezing my neck. I was being strangled. The window would not roll back down because it hadn’t reached the top yet.

I have no idea how I survived. I was very young. I don’t remember the rescue. I don’t know if I blacked out, or if the experience was so traumatizing that I developed situational amnesia. Maybe it was a miracle. Regardless, I survived my sister’s attempt to murder me.

(“Power windows came under scrutiny after several fatal accidents in which children’s necks had become trapped, leading to suffocation.” “Power Windows” Wikipedia) 

Pushed into a Yellowstone Boiling Acid Pool

The second murder attempt took place when our family visited Yellowstone Park. I was very little. We were walking on a boardwalk over a boiling sulfur acid pit. There were no handrails or barriers on the boardwalk. (Safety was not a high priority in the 1950’s.)

My sister and I were following my parents. For no apparent reason, my murderous sister gave me a big shove. I started to fall into the steaming acid pool.  All of a sudden, I felt someone grab my shirt from behind and lift me back onto the walkway. 

I don’t remember anybody behind me. I don’t know if it was a mortal or divine angel. But someone caught me and saved me from being boiled to death in an acid pool. At any rate, my sister’s attempt to kill me was foiled.

Flung into a Sharp Coffee Table Corner

The third attempt murder involved a glass covered coffee table. My sister was “helping” get out of my jacket by swinging me around like an Olympic hammer thrower.

She finally launched me, face first onto the sharp corner of a coffee table. The corner just missed my eye, but it dug into  my left cheek bone.  There was blood everywhere.

My dad ordered me to lie face down and press my face into a pillow until the bleeding stopped. (In those days, you didn’t go to the doctor or hospital just to get stitches.) The white pillow case was covered in bright red blood. The scar is still visible after 60 years.

I survived again, and my sister’s third attempt to eliminate me was thwarted.

How did we ever survive growing up in the 50’s and 60’s?

Based on today’s safety standards it is a miracle that any of us survived growing up in the 50’s and 60’s.  There were no:

  • seat belts
  • bicycle helmets
  • knee pads
  • school crossing guards
  • trick-or-treating escorts
  • playground supervisors
  • schoolyard sentinels
  • neighborhood watchmen
  • paramedics
  • “helicopter” parents
  • sunscreen lotions
  • unleaded paint

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3 thoughts on “I Survived Three Murder Attempts – In Childhood

  1. Maybe I was a murderous sibling? When I was 5, I was in our driveway, swinging a bat at imaginary baseballs when my 1 plus year old baby sister walked up behind me and caught me bat with her face! I suppose a 5 yr old boy’s natural reaction would be to run in the house (alone) and hide in a bedroom closet, or say that the dog did it! I grabbed her and ran tearfully into the house and cdonfessed the accidental murder attempt to my mother! I’m not sure why, but she never tried to retaliate!


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