Case of the “Lazy” Husband Murdering His “Nagging” Wife

 (Caution: Violent Content)

I presided over a preliminary hearing in a bizarre and tragic domestic violence case.

The “couch potato” husband schlepped home after work, just in time to watch the start of the baseball game with his favorite team.  He grabbed a couple of six packs of cold beer from the fridge.  He eased back into his Lazy Boy chair in the living room, and he kicked off his shoes in the middle of the floor. He retrieved the remote and flipped to the sports channel. He tuned out the rest of the world, and tuned into his game.

After several enjoyable innings his wife came home.  She immediately started nagging. “I’ve told you a million times not to leave your shoes in the middle of the living room! What’s wrong with you!  It looks awful and someone could trip! I’m tired of picking up after you!” 

As she continued to harp on him, he reached to the side of the recliner, and grabbed his favorite souvenir baseball bat.  He got up from the chair and bludgeoned her to death.  The neighbors heard the blood curdling screams and called 9-1-1.  

When the police arrived, they found the defendant seated in the Lazy Boy chair still watching the baseball game.  He was holding the remote in one hand and a beer in the other. There were blood spatters everywhere, and his wife’s bloody body was lying in the middle of living room floor next to his shoes.

Needless to say, there was more than enough evidence for me to hold him to answer for trial for the domestic violence murder of his wife.

Sometimes, I think the world has gone insane.

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2 thoughts on “Case of the “Lazy” Husband Murdering His “Nagging” Wife

  1. Sad commentary on life, when an electronic device is more important than I fellow human being. Electronic alienation of affections coupled with alcohol/drug consumption is running rampant in our society. We should all take a step back and consider what is important to each of us, and do it sober.


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