Caught and Convicted Because of His Misspelled Tattoo

I was involved in the prosecution of a serial rape case

The “perp” wore a knit ski mask making eye witness identification impossible.  (This was before DNA).  As he was committing the crime, the victim noticed a homemade prison tattoo on the inside of his bicep.

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The tattoo stuck in her mind because it said, Not Guility.” The defendant, or one of his illiterate cellmates, had misspelled the wordGuilty.” 

When the victim told the police about the tattoo, they contacted the State Department of Corrections. They ran a computer check. Sure enough, they found a recently released parolee who had a tattoo on the inside of his bicep reading, Not Guility.”  He was a serial sex offender. 

The dumb criminals are easier to catch and prosecute.  This man will be a senior citizen before he is ever released again.

More Misspelled Prison Tattoos

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