“God Wanted Him Caught”–Case of the Dangerous Stalker

I have handled a few serious cases where the investigators were convinced that they were aided by Divine Providence. The detectives declared: “God wanted him caught.”

The Dangerous Stalker

I presided over the first case under California’s new felony stalking law

The defendant was obsessed with the female victim. The victim’s life became a nightmare. She moved several times. She changed jobs several times. She legally changed her name. However, the stalker always tracked her down.

The lead detective was afraid that stalker would eventually kill the victim to prevent her from having a relationship with anyone else. “If I can’t have her, no one else will.”

Only a Misdemeanor Sentence

The defendant was charged with the felony stalking. Unfortunately, the new felony statute was poorly and declared unconstitutionally vague.

The defendant in my case could only be prosecuted for misdemeanor stalking. But I needed a bigger hammer.

The defendant agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor stalking.  I placed him on three years formal supervised probation. I ordered him to have no contact, directly or indirectly, nor come within 100 yards of the victim. (We use 100 yards as a common denominator because it is the length of a football field.)

I placed the defendant on “search and seizure” terms. The police could search him any time day or night with or without a warrant. I also ordered him not to own or possess any weapons.  I ordered the defendant to immediately notify his probation officer of any change of address.

As I feared, the defendant immediately violated probation by stalking the victim again.

Arrest Warrant and Nationwide Search

I issued a “no bail” warrant for his arrest. (That means he could not bail out of jail no matter how much money he posted.)

He fled the jurisdiction, and the police launched a massive manhunt for him.

The police received credible tips that the defendant had fled to the South. The state and federal authorities were notified.   The lead detective finally presented the case on America’s Most Wanted.

The “Miraculous” Capture

The lead detective had put in so many overtime hours trying to track down the defendant, that his young sons were feeling neglected. So, he took a day off from work to unwind and spend time with his boys.

The boys wanted to go to a park. They insisted on going to a small neighborhood park where one of their friend’s lived. They liked the playground.  The detective had never been to that park before, but he agreed.

While at the park, the boys had to go to the restroom. There were no facilities in the little park. The detective looked around and saw a nearby church adjacent to a street corner. He thought the church might be open, and they could use the restrooms.

With the boys in tow, the detective walked to the church. As he turned the street corner, he suddenly came face-to-face with the stalker. They were both startled.

Before the defendant could regain his composure, the detective tackled him. The detective placed the defendant in a wrestling hold until police backup arrived.

New Felony Sentence

This time the defendant was prosecuted under the “new improvedfelony stalking statute, and he was sentenced to state prison. This gave the victim a few, well deserved, years of peace.

“God Wanted Him Caught!”

As the detective declared:  What were the odds!  God definitely wanted him caught!”

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