My DNA Results: “Whiter” Than Ivory Soap

Family History Research and DNA Test

My wife “forced” me to get a DNA test. My genealogy already revealed my ancestors come from northwest Europe: Britain and Scandinavia.

Hope For “Mixed Samoan Race”

I was hoping the DNA results would identify me as mixed race, part Samoan

I always wanted to be Samoan. I love Samoans. They are the best! I have wonderful Samoan friends. They are such loving, and fun-loving, people.

A Samoan once came up to me at church and asked:
            Him: “Brother London, do you have English blood in you?”
            Me: “Of course, with a name like ‘London.’”
            Him (proudly): “I have English blood in me too.”
            Me (skeptical):  “Oh, really.” 
            Him (boisterous): “Yes.  My ancestors ate Captain Cook!”

DNA Results: Pure White

I finally got my DNA test results back.  I am 99.4% northwest European.  I feel like the Ivory Soap commercials: 99.44% pure.   

Maybe the 0.6% is Samoan. No such luck. I learned that the other 0.6% is northeastern European Poland.

In other words, I am not only 100% European, I am 100% northern European. Talk about “white bread.” I am as white as a person can be.  My legs are proof.

Can We Choose Our Race?

Maybe there is hope. If people can choose their gender, maybe I can choose to be Samoan. Maybe I can be a Soifua, Tagatauli, Wilson, or Faamausili after all.

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