A Unique Homeless Lifestyle – Partying with Social Security Disability Checks

As a criminal prosecutor I worked on a murder case where the victim was a homeless man.

The witnesses were a group of ten homeless men who lived under an overpass on the Santa Ana River in Orange County.

Their lifestyle was unique and interesting.

The men banded together. They each received a monthly check for $650 for Social Security Disability Benefits.  (This was decades ago. The current average benefit is about $1200 per month.)

When they cashed their checks, and they pooled their money. It came to $6500 each month.

They used the money to rent a few motel rooms. Then they bought as much booze, drugs, and sex as they could afford.    

The money ran out after the middle of the month, and they spent the rest of the month in their encampment along the river. All at taxpayers expense.

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