Man Taunts Police Dog and Pays the Price

I prosecuted a man for misdemeanor obstructing police. (PC 148(a)) The dumb defendant walked up to a canine police officer on the Huntington Beach pier and declared: “Your dog doesn’t scare me!” 

He then bent down, grabbed the police German Shepherd by both ears, went nose-to-nose with the dog, and yelled, “Growl!” 

The police dog responded by chomping onto the defendant’s face, almost ripping his face off. 

The defendant spent several weeks in the hospital while the surgeons tried to put his face back together. When he was released from the hospital, the police arrested him and took him to jail. 

When he was brought to court, I recommended to the judge that the defendant be given “credit for injuries received.”

Afterward, this “gentleman” sued the police department for his medical bills and his emotional distress.  He lost.

“Whether we do what’s right, or whether we do what’s wrong, the consequences will follow.”

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