I Experienced an Amazing Miracle of Nature

Miracles of Providence

God is a God of miracles. The Lord provides. His miracles of providence are prevalent. Most church members have both witness and personally experienced these miracles.

Miracles of Controlling Nature and the Elements

Church members have also witnessed the miracle of the controlling nature and the elements. This usually occurs when church members have fasted and prayed for relief from drought, storms, or natural disasters. I have also personally experienced two amazing miracles of nature. Here is one:

The Plight

During college I worked as the part-time gardener at the Garden Grove, California Stake Center.

Old Garden Grove Stake Center

One Saturday I was doing the yard work at the building. It was stake conference weekend.  One of the Apostles was visiting. We anticipated a large attendance with several VIP’s and investigators.

I arrived early. I mowed and edged the lawns. I trimmed the hedges and bushes.   

Mindful of the special guest and the large attendance, I wanted the grounds to be immaculate. I had scheduled just enough time to complete the job before the meetings would begin.

As I was finishing, a high councilor informed me that the large parking lot sweeper vehicle cancelled at the last minute. There was no replacement.

Sweeping the large parking lots by hand was impossible.  (This was long before leaf blowers.) The west entrance drive way and parking lot was acceptable. The main south parking in the rear was tolerable. But the east exit drive way and parking lot was a disaster.

It was littered with trash, leaves, and dirt. There was an apartment building on the other side of the parking lot wall and people were constantly throwing cups, fast food, bags, cigarettes, and other trash over the wall.

There was no way I could to hand sweep the entire east parking lot, and members and guests would be arriving shortly.

The Pleading Prayer

I dropped my gloves on the sidewalk next to the east parking lot, I knelt behind a hedge, and I pleaded for the Lord’s help and guidance. Without His help the building would be an embarrassment rather than an inspiration.

The Miraculous Answer

As I was praying, I felt my hair moving. A breeze suddenly picked up. I looked toward the parking lot, and to my astonishment, my gloves were moving along the sidewalk. I looked toward the sky and saw a twisting whirlwind or dust devil. The whirlwind traveled from the back parking lot, all along the east drive way parking lot, sweeping away everything in its path. When the whirlwind dissipated it left all of the trash, leaves, and dirt in a single pile lodged in the corner of the cinder block wall — right next to the dumpster

I grabbed my gloves and tools and scooped up the debris in a few minutes. The worst looking drive way parking lot suddenly became the most immaculate

The Prayer of Thanks

After I finished, I knelt in prayer behind the hedge and thanked the Lord for His miracle and for His goodness and grace. The short version: “Heavenly Father, thanks for responding to my prayer. I didn’t expect that answer. It was so cool!!”

When I left, the grounds and parking lot were in a state of “dedicatory readiness.” I envisioned the Lord looking down at me and chuckling, “How about that!

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