“Odor in the Court”

My “Cage”

One day felony prisoners were crowded in the “cage” in my courtroom while I conducted arraignments. 

Suddenly, and very loudly, one of the prisoners passed gas.  The rest of the prisoners tried to move away from the prisoner who was obviously embarrassed.

 Several of us heard one of the lawyers mutter under his breath, “odor in the court.

 While people laughed out loud, I struggled to remain “dignified.”


4 thoughts on “  “Odor in the Court”

  1. BTW, that looks like a cage for animals (which it is).  I’m surprised the Dems don’t come after you for it.  Sent from my mobile device.


    1. We started by putting prisoners in the jury box. That didn’t work. Then we put them in a cage with chain link on front. They climbed up and over. Then we put the chain link on top and plexiglass to protect their lawyers from being spit on. We have learned by sad experience.


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