“Stake Presidents are ‘Dime a Dozen’”

One Saturday, in the late 1960’s, the Garden Grove California Stake President drove to Riverside to retrieve a member of the Council of Twelve Apostles for stake conference.  The Apostle was one of my “favorites.”

As they drove along Highway 91 in Corona, the Stake President pointed to the church’s large orange ranch off to the left.

The Apostle snapped: “Both hands on the wheel!  Stake presidents might be ‘dime a dozen,’ but there are only twelve of us!”

(Source: Personal conversations with James Malan Hobbs, a truly great man, who was the Bishop of my childhood, and the Stake President of my young adult years. He was a Renaissance man: dentist, professor, theologian, philosopher, public speaker, storyteller, mechanic, patriarch, temple sealer, and gentleman farmer. I served under him in several stake, regional, and area leadership assignments.  He was like a second father to me. My father was his ward clerk and his stake clerk.)

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