“He Chose Alcohol Over Love, Booze Over His Beloved”

“Court Case Friday”

A girlfriend and boyfriend loved each other and lived together for years. They were both heavy drinkers.

One night, in a nearby county, they both got drunk and ended up in a fight.  A witness called the police.  Since the boyfriend “won” the fight, the police deemed him to be the “primary aggressor,” and he was arrested.

In court, the “victim” girlfriend begged the prosecutor to drop the domestic violence charges. The deputy district attorney refused. 

She then pleaded with the judge not to issue a protective order.  The judge agreed and continued the case.

A few weeks later, the couple got drunk in a restaurant in another nearby county and got into a fight in the parking lot. A witness called the police, and the boyfriend was arrested again. 

In court, the victim girlfriend unsuccessfully begged the prosecutor to drop the charges.  She then pleaded with the judge not to issue a protective order

The judge continued the case but issued a “peaceful contact” protective order.  The defendant boyfriend was ordered to have “no violent or threatening contact” with the victim.  The protective order was uploaded into the statewide data base.

A few weeks later, the same couple got drunk and got in a fight in their car in a parking lot in Orange County. The boyfriend was again arrested. 

The case came to my court.  The girlfriend victim again pleaded with the prosecutor to drop the charges.  The prosecutor declined.

In court, the girlfriend and boyfriend both expressed their undying love for each other, and they both begged me to not issue a full, no contact, protective order.

I addressed the defendant boyfriend: You ignored the ‘peaceful contact’ protective order.  So, I am issuing a ‘full ‘no contact’ protective order. You are ordered to have ‘no contact, directly or indirectly, nor come within 100 yards of the victim.’

I continued: Unless . . . you agree not to consume alcohol and wear a continuous alcohol monitoring device on your ankle.”

As the girlfriend’s jaw dropped, the defendant, without any hesitation, proclaimed, I’ll take the full protective order. I’m not giving up alcohol.”

He chose alcohol over love, booze over his beloved.

(More “Court Case Friday” stories: http://www.londonedition.net)

(Shout out to my friends at Great Oak High School!!)

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