“That’s Not My Heel”

Court Case Friday

As a young prosecutor, I had a case that reminded me of Cinderella and the matching lost slipper.

A police officer was chasing a teenage burglar on foot.  The juvenile was barefoot, and the officer has difficulty keeping up. 

In an attempt to get away, the minor scaled a six-foot block wall.  Unfortunately, the owner had put broken glass on the top of the wall to prevent trespassers. As the juvenile scaled the wall, he sliced off the heel of his left foot. 

The teenager escaped, but left his bloody left heel behind. The officer quickly put the bloody heel in a baggie.   

The police contacted local hospitals to be on the lookout for a male teenager missing the heel on his left foot.  Minutes later, the police received a telephone call from a nearby emergency room notifying them that a male juvenile was being admitted who had the left heel sliced off his foot. 

The police arrived.  As the officer approached carrying the heel, the juvenile blurted out in protest, “That’s not my heel!


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