The Most Creative Traffic Ticket Cheat

“Court Case Friday”

Some people go to great lengths to avoid getting traffic tickets, like using radar detectors or car pool lane dummies. A few traffic ticket cheaters are very creative and go to extreme measures.

A motorcycle officer shared the following story with me.

The motor cop saw a woman speeding. He turned on his emergency lights and siren to pull her over. 

She suddenly started thrashing around inside her car and weaving. When she finally pulled over, she acted relieved. She claimed to be deathly allergic to bee stings and a bee had gotten inside her car. She drove fast hoping that the wind would blow the bee out of the car.  

 She showed the officer her Medic Alert bracelet. She also thought she might have killed the bee with her purse. She reached down to the floorboard and gingerly retrieved the dead bee. 

The officer cautioned her to be careful, and he left without giving her a ticket.

After work, the officer shared the story of the “bee lady” with colleagues. Another officer asked for a description of the woman and the vehicle. This officer explained that the same thing happened to him. The woman had dodged another speeding ticket by pulling the same stunt with the bracelet and the bee weeks earlier.

They spread word throughout the traffic division. The next officer that stopped her for speeding confiscated the Medic Alert bracelet and the “dead bee” which was plastic. He then gave her a speeding ticket and threatened to arrest her for obstruction of justice.

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