The Crowning Creation of Eve

“Sunday Sermon”

In the ancient creation account we read:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

When God created the light, and the sun and moon and stars, He saw that it was good.” (Gen. 1:4-5; Moses 2:4-5)

When God created the lands and the seas he saw it was good.” (Gen. 1:6-10; Moses 2:6-10)

When He created the plants and animals, He saw that it was good.” (Gen. 1:11-25; Moses 2:11-25)

But when God created Adam, He said, “It is ‘not good … that man should be alone.” (Gen.2:18; Moses 3:18)

So, God created Eve.  

Only after He created Eve, “God saw everything that He made, and behold, it was ‘very good.’” (Gen. 1:31; Moses 2:31)

And God said, therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one.”  (Genesis 2:24; Moses 3:24)

Neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man in the Lord
(1 Cor. 11:11)

Only after the creation of Eve, did God pronounce His creation “very good.” Only then, was His creation complete. Only then did He rest.

Gordon B. Hinckley: Then as His final creation, the crowning of His glorious work, He created woman. I like to regard Eve as His masterpiece after all that had gone before, the final work before He rested from His labors.”


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