The BYU Juror

“Court Case Friday”

The judge next to me was selecting a jury.  He asked the panel if serving on the trial would be a hardship. A young man raised his hand, and the following dialogue took place:

Judge: What’s the nature of the hardship?

Juror: I have plans to spend the weekend in Las Vegas.

Judge: Going to a concert?

Juror: No, a football game.

Judge: Who’s playing?

Juror: BYU and Arizona.

Judge: [Pause] The answer to my next question is very important, and will determine whether I excuse you are not.  Are you a fan of Arizona or BYU?

Juror: [Pause] BYU.

Judge: Wrong answer! [Pause] My sons go to Arizona. [Long pause] However, my best friend since kindergarten is the Athletic Director of BYU, so I will go ahead and excuse you.

Juror: [Relieved] Thank you.

Judge: You are free to leave.  Good luck!  Hope you lose!

P.S. BYU Won: 24/16


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