Defendant Puts Nude Selfies, Sex Toys, and Cocaine in Her Purse Before Reporting for Jail

“Court Case Friday”

I was presiding over a misdemeanor DUI jury trial. On the first day of trial, the female defendant showed up late after lunch and after each recess, inconveniencing the jurors. When I adjourned for the evening, I warned her that if she showed up late the following morning, I was going to revoke her O.R. status and take her into custody.

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The next morning, when I called the case, the defendant hadn’t arrived yet. I waited another thirty minutes. As promised, I revoked her O.R. status, issued a warrant for her arrest. I declared a mistrial and excused the jurors. 

Image result for woman prisoner cartoon pics

The defendant showed up several hours later.  I ordered my bailiff to arrest her and book her into custody. 

Despite the fact that I told her I was going to arrest her, when the deputies searched her purse during the booking process, they found sex toys, nude selfies, and a large baggie of cocaine. She was then charged with felony possession of cocaine. 

It is amazing how often criminals make their situation worse.


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