My wife said our house dust comes from my dead skin cells!?

“Fun Facts” and “Personal Experiences”

My wife tries to blame me for the dust in our house.  She said that household dust comes from my shedding dead skin.

I didn’t believe her.  I blamed the dust on the nearby horse stables and hills.

What a surprise to learn that my wife was right — at least partially!

About 20-50% of the dust in our houses comes from dead skin cells.  A 2016 study discovered that humans shed about 200 million skin cells each hour, or 4.8 billion each day. These cells have nowhere else to go when you are indoors.

The rest of the household dust comes from plant pollen, human hair, animal fur, textile fibers, paper fibers, minerals from outdoor soil, and even burnt meteorite particles.

Since I am a cause of the dust in our house, maybe I should either live outdoors, or else help with the dusting.  

(See: “New insights into skin cells,” Colin Smith, Nov 29, 2016, Imperial College of London; “Dust,” “Skin,” Wikipedia)


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