Judges give harsher sentences after Daylight Saving Time change

“Court Case Friday” “Fun Facts”

Researchers found that on “sleepy Monday,” the Monday after the Daylight Saving Time change, judges hand out longer sentences.

I will try to remember that — if I am not too sleepy.

“Researchers frequently use DST to study sleep deprivation in populations, as it’s a period of time when we all wake up an hour before we’re used to. One of these studies focused specifically on judicial punishment in U.S. federal courts. The researchers looked at “sleepy Monday” (the Monday after the time change) and compared the sentence lengths to other Mondays. They found that on “sleepy Monday,” judges handed out 5 percent longer sentences. But don’t think you can get a lighter sentence during the fall switch; the researchers found no effect on sentencing at that time.”

(“12 Surprising Effects of Daylight Saving Time,” Austin Thompson, Mar 8, 2019, Mental Floss.)


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