Case of the mysterious disappearance of the “Frenchie” bulldog

“Court Case Friday”


In 2020, the French bulldog (“Frenchie”) became the second most popular dog breed in America (behind Labs).  Frenchies are small, adorable, low energy, adaptable to homes and apartments, and comfortable with individuals and families. One drawback — when Frenchies are scared, tired, or over-excited they scream loudly like a human baby.

The Crime

“Sue” lived alone in a small home with her beloved Frenchie, “Buddy.”

One day “Buddy” just vanished. He was kept inside the house, so he couldn’t have run away or wandered off. His disappearance was a complete mystery. Perhaps he was kidnapped.

“Sue” was distraught.  Her best friend, “Jane,” spend hours trying to console her.

The Search

After a few days, “Jane” suggested that “Sue” print hundreds of flyers and circulate them with the help of friends, neighbors, and dog lovers. “Jane” volunteered to supervise the massive project.

After a week, “Jane” suggested they offer a reward for “Buddy’s” return.  “Sue” used all her savings, and she and “Jane” solicited contributions from friends and social media.

The Surprising Discovery

After several more stressful weeks, “Sue” dropped by “Jane’s” home unannounced.  “Sue” knocked on the front door and called out to “Jane.” 

Suddenly, “Sue” heard a small dog scratching on the front door. But “Jane” didn’t own any pets.

“Sue” called out, “Is that you ‘Buddy?’” The dog inside started screaming.  It was “Buddy.”

Prosecution and Plea

Best friend “Jane” was arrested and prosecuted.  She protested that she loved “Buddy” more than “Sue” and could provide “Buddy” with a better home.  Plus, “Jane” thought “Sue” was too mean to “Buddy.”   

The prosecution and defense attorneys worked out a plea bargain.  “Jane” pled guilty in my court and was sentenced to community service and restitution, to reimburse “Sue” for the time and expense searching for “Buddy.”  

Obviously, “Sue” and “Jane” are no longer best friends.

(See: “French Bulldog,” Wikipedia; “French Bulldog Guide,” Julie Fritz, Canine Journal, Mar 2, 2022; “3 Important Factors Behind French Bulldog Screaming,” Dog Fluffy, Apr 5, 2021)


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