Do General Authorities’ Noses and Ears Actually Grow Bigger as They Age?

“Sunday ‘Sermon'” and “Fun Facts”

As our family watched General Conference over the years, my kids commented that General Authorities’ noses and ears seemed to be growing bigger as they age.

They were not alone in that opinion. It is a common belief that noses and ears are the only parts of the body that keep growing as we get older.

It turns out that noses and ears actually do get larger with age.  However, they are not “growing” bigger.

Noses and ears stop growing along with the rest of our body. However, the cartilage breaks down with age, and gravity makes our noses and ears sag and become larger.

At the same time, our cheeks and lips actually lose volume, making our noses and ears appear even larger.

This is one of the “joys” of getting older.

Getting old is easy.  Being old is hard.”

(See: “Truth or Myth: Our Nose and our Ears Never Stop Growing,” Michael Hinck, 24 Jun 2016, Health Beat,; “Your Ears and Nose Get Bigger in Old Age (But Not Because They’re Growing,” Mel Kassel, 1 Aug 2019, Discovery,



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