Have Fun In Your Church Callings — But Not Too Much Fun

“Sunday Sermon” – Personal Experience

Have Fun in Your Callings

I was young and inexperienced when I was called as a Bishop and given the responsibility to organize a new singles ward. I had a new career and four small children. I felt stressed and overwhelmed.

I dreaded my first stewardship interview with the Stake President.  I prepared by having my clerks print every conceivable report, graph, and chart.

When the time came, I walked into the Stake President’s office with my three-inch binder and scriptures and sat down.  I felt like Daniel entering the lions’ den.

The inspired Stake President’s first question caught me completely off guard.

Pres: “Are you having fun?”
Me: “What?”
Pres: “Are you having fun?”
Me: “What has having fun got to do with being a bishop?”
Pres: “Everything! The Lord does not call people to positions to punish them. He calls them to bless their lives. He calls them to give them opportunities to learn and grow, as well as serve others. ‘Men are that they might have joy.’ If you are not having fun and joy in your calling, then you need to check your attitude.”

This was great advice. It changed my attitude and my life. Thereafter, I had satisfaction, in my callings, plus joy and fun.

But Not Too Much Fun

Unfortunately, the Stake President may have created a monster by telling me to have fun. He didn’t counsel me about having too much fun.

Bishop “Looses it” During Sacrament Hymn

For example, my older first counselor “thought” he was a great singer. I suggested he try singing the bass line of the hymns instead of the melody. He made his first attempt during a slow sacrament hymn. He started missing the notes. Then he started missing the words  After listening to him butchering the hymn for a couple of verses, I completely lost it. I had an uncontrollable urge to burst out laughing.

With my face beet red, I rushed out of the chapel in front of the entire congregation. When I got to the foyer, I burst out laughing. The people sitting on the couches gave me weird looks, so I slipped into a nearby classroom until I calmed down.

I don’t think that’s what my Stake President meant by having fun in our callings.

“Torturing” the Young Counselor

Another instance, my new young second counselor was terrified of conducting sacrament meetings. My older, experienced first counselor decided to “torture” him. 

My first counselor saved all the difficult-to-pronounce membership records for my second counselor to announce to the ward. Plus, when my second counselor struggled to read the difficult names, my first counselor kept poking the pulpit button. So, the pulpit jerked and vibrated. This caused my second counselor to drip with sweat and hyperventilate.

Again, I don’t think that’s what my Stake President had in mind either.

We should have fun and joy in our callings. But there are limits to how much fun we should have.

Missionaries Having Fun in their Calling

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