The Paranoid Defendant – “Constantly Surrounded by Mormons”

“Court Case Friday”

I was presiding over the high volume arraignment calendar in my OC courtroom, when I called the case of a criminal trespasser.

As I thumbed through the police report, I noticed that the defendant was arrested for disrupting an LDS stake conference.

I also learned that the LDS Church had obtained a restraining order against the defendant because of his ongoing attempts to interfere with LDS Church meetings.

Finally, I read that the defendant had been diagnosed as paranoid. The report read:

“He believes that, no matter where he goes, he is surrounded by, and cannot get away from, Mormons.”

I was the only LDS criminal law judge in the county at that time. What were the odds of his case coming in front of me?

I slowly closed the court file and said, “Sir, I am going to disqualify myself from handling your case. I am transferring your case to the judge next door.”

The defendant got a very worried look on his face and inquired, “Can I ask you a personal question?

I said, “Sure.”

He asked, “Are you a Mormon?”

I replied with a simple, “Yes.

I must have set his therapy back two years. His counselors were constantly telling him he was not surrounded by Mormons, and then he ended up in court in front of the only LDS criminal law judge in the county.

Coincidence? Karma? Fate?


(A personal favorite, and popular, court case. Initially posted 3 years ago, but worth repeating.)

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