Adorable Puffins and Baby “Pufflings”

“Fun Facts Saturday”

Everybody’s loves Puffins.  They are so adorable!

Because of their color, Puffins are sometimes called the “Parrots of the Sea.” 

Puffins fly up to 50 mph and flap their wings 300-400 times per minute. They can dive 200 feet under water, and stay down up to one minute.

Atlantic Puffins spend 9 months at sea, and 3 months at home in colonies in rock crevices and burrows in cliffs along the ocean.

Baby Puffins are called Pufflings. Pufflings have huge appetites.  Their parents catch tiny fish, which Pufflings swallow whole. Puffin parents carry about 10 fish at a time.  They dive 200-300 times a day in order to get enough fish for their babies.  By the time a Puffling leaves its burrow, each parent will have dived over 12,000 times to keep it fed.


(See: “Puffin,”; “Atlantic Puffin,” National Geographic Kids.)


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