“My” Prisoner had been “Executed” and then “Resurrected”

“Court Case Friday”

One afternoon, I was discussing a felony case with the district attorney and the public defender at my bench. The woman defendant was in custody in the “cage.”

Public Execution

All of a sudden, the she screamed at me:

Defendant: What are you doing?

Judge: “I am discussing your case with the district attorney and your public defender.”

Defendant: [yelling] “You don’t talk to him! You talk to me! I fired the public defender!

Judge: “You can’t fire the public defender. Only I can fire the public defender.”

Defendant: [raised voice] “I want you to fire the public defender! I want to represent myself!” 

Judge: “This is a very serious felony case. You are not qualified to represent yourself.”

Defendant: “Oh, yes, I am! I represented myself before in a criminal case.”

The Resurrection

Judge: “What kind of case was that?”

Defendant: “It was a serious felony, just like this case.”

Judge: “And how did that case turn out?”  

Defendant: [proudly] “I was wrongfully executed!” 

Judge: [uncertain I heard her correctly] “Wrongfully executed?”

Defendant: “Yes, executed. I was wrongfully executed. But you don’t have to worry because I have been resurrected since, and I’m all better now.”

Obviously, I didn’t “fire” the public defender, because I didn’t want the defendant to be executed again.


(A personal favorite, and popular, court case. Initially posted over 3 years ago, but worth repeating)

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