My First Lesson in Peer Pressure: A Nestles Quick Chocolate BEER Shake

“Saturday Stories”

I grew up in an “orthodox” LDS home. My Dad taught, “You don’t have time to learn everything in this life, but you have time to learn obedience.”

The closest I came to violating the Word of Wisdom was when I was seven years old.

My neighborhood friends knew that I liked Nestles Quick chocolate milk. Somehow, they convinced me that it would taste even better with beer, instead of milk

So, they took a cold beer from their parents’ fridge and poured a glass.  Then they added Nestles Quick until it was very thick.  They called it a “chocolate beer shake.”

I guzzled some down. It was disgusting.  And, it quickly made a round trip.  I threw up all over their kitchen floor. 

I got revenge by leaving right away and letting them clean up the mess. “Revenge is sweet.

Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs were never a temptation after that experience. I had learned my lesson.

7 yr old Beer Drinker


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