Defendant: “I am a God! You are a mere mortal!”

"Court Case Friday" One afternoon I had a large group of prisoners in the “cage” in my courtroom. I started advising them of their constitutional rights. One of the women suddenly interrupted me and screamed, “I don’t recognize you.” I thought to myself, “I don’t’ recognize you either.” She continued: Defendant: “I am a God! I don’t … Continue reading Defendant: “I am a God! You are a mere mortal!”

“My” Prisoner had been “Executed” and then “Resurrected”

"Court Case Friday" One afternoon, I was discussing a felony case with the district attorney and the public defender at my bench. The woman defendant was in custody in the “cage.” Public Execution All of a sudden, the she screamed at me: Defendant: “What are you doing?” Judge: “I am discussing your case with the … Continue reading “My” Prisoner had been “Executed” and then “Resurrected”

“The Hulk” Came to My Rescue

"Court Case Friday" I presided over a case of a developmentally disabled young man who lived in a care home. He was a huge fan, ("Hulkster") of Hulk Hogan, "The Hulk," the giant world-famous wrestler and celebrity.  One morning, while this young man was waiting for the public bus to take him to an assembly line … Continue reading “The Hulk” Came to My Rescue

Murder at “Mormon Night”

"Court Case Friday" "Mormon Nights" Over the decades, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sponsored annual “Mormon Nights” at Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, and Disneyland.  (Disneyland routinely scheduled nighttime"private parties" from 7pm to 1am on non-peak days. "General Public not admitted.") There were discount tickets. For example, in 1970 the tickets for “Mormon … Continue reading Murder at “Mormon Night”

The “Exploding Dog” Case

"Court Case Friday" My favorite law school civil torts case was: the case of the “Exploding Dog.” Here are the facts: A landowner had a vacant lot downtown between high-rise buildings.  He wanted to improve the property, and so he hired a land developer. However, there was a giant tree stump with deep roots in … Continue reading The “Exploding Dog” Case

What do police do with a TON of marijuana evidence?

"Court Case Friday" Sometimes police success can create logistical problems.  I issued search warrants in a Costa Mesa case where the police seized over one ton (2,000 pounds) of marijuana.  They celebrated their success. But then they encountered the problem: “What to do with a ton of marijuana?”  It was very bulky, about a cargo … Continue reading What do police do with a TON of marijuana evidence?

A Public Defender’s “Crazy”Clients

"Court Case Friday" A Public Defender (PD) was assigned to my court after serving on the mental health calendar. His primary duty at that time was to prove that his clients, incarcerated in state mental hospitals, were "sane" enough to be released into the community.  Here are a few of his cases: The Super Rich … Continue reading A Public Defender’s “Crazy”Clients

A Rookie Cop Loses Pubic Hair Rape Evidence

"Court Case Friday" "Confession is good for the soul." Twenty years ago, before he passed away, a criminal defense attorney “confessed” to me something that happened when he was a police officer decades earlier. When he was a rookie cop, he responded to the scene of a residential rape. It was the beginning of his shift. … Continue reading A Rookie Cop Loses Pubic Hair Rape Evidence

How “Catfishing” Destroyed 3 Teenage Boys – A Predator’s Strategy

"Court Case Friday" Internet Crimes Since I started in the criminal justice system, a whole new category of crimes has emerged -- internet crimes.  The internet is a great blessing, but "what the Devil cannot prevent, he will pervert." "Phishing" Internet crimes include “phishing.” Phishing is the practice of sending fraudulent emails in order to … Continue reading How “Catfishing” Destroyed 3 Teenage Boys – A Predator’s Strategy

My First “Crooked Cop” Case Was a “Real Doozy”

"Court Case Friday" Some Cops Turn to Crime Throughout my legal career I encountered several crooked police officers. I seem to be a magnet for those cases. Outstanding Huntington Beach Police Police officers, especially detectives, are the finest group of people I have ever worked with.  However, EVERY profession has “bad apples.” Police officers are … Continue reading My First “Crooked Cop” Case Was a “Real Doozy”