My Childhood “Frugal” Family Dinners

In the 1950's and 1960's, my mom handled the family budget.  My dad was an elementary school teacher, and we were a single income family of five. So, my mom was necessarily frugal. Cheap powdered milk with lumps She saved money by giving us powdered milk. This wasn’t name-brand powder, like Carnation.  This was cheap … Continue reading My Childhood “Frugal” Family Dinners

I Was Surrounded by “Zombies”

One of the most traumatic experiences my sister, brother, and I had as children was when we were surrounded by “zombies.” When my mother’s brother became an adult, he exhibited symptoms of schizophrenia with paranoia and delusions of grandeur.  He spent years as a patient in the Utah State Hospital in Provo. Afterward, he lived … Continue reading I Was Surrounded by “Zombies”

My Ancestor Murdered the Archbishop of Britain

My 27th Great-Great Grandfather is Sir William de Tracy (1135-1189). He is a murderer. He didn’t murder just anyone. As they so, “Go big or go home.”  He murdered Saint Thomas Becket the Archbishop of Great Britain.  This is one of the most infamous events in British history. It is also a very interesting story. Who Represents God, … Continue reading My Ancestor Murdered the Archbishop of Britain