Grace and Works

Christmas Sermon -- Doctrinal Commentary BYU Religion Professor Robert Millet recalled That before leaving from Louisiana on his mission, he asked his LDS father, "Dad, what does it mean to be saved by grace?" He answered quickly, "We don't believe in that." "We don't?" I said. "Why not?" Without any hesitation he replied, "Because the … Continue reading Grace and Works

“Thoughts, Words, and Deeds” – Mosiah 4:30

Zoroastrianism is the religion of ancient Persia. It is the second oldest monotheistic religion, after Judaism.  It was founded about 1000 B.C. by the prophet Zoroaster (Zarathushtra).  Zoroastrians worship the “one universal, transcendent, all-good, and uncreated supreme creator deity, Ahura Mazda, or the ‘Wise Lord.’” The official motto of Zoroastrianism is “Good Thoughts, Good Words, … Continue reading “Thoughts, Words, and Deeds” – Mosiah 4:30

“Show and Tell” – 2 Nephi 32:3,5

Scripture Gems There is a subtle, but significant, difference between 2 Nephi 32 verse 3 and verse 5. Verse 3 reads, “Feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do” (2 Ne. 32: 3) Verse 5 reads, “Receive the Holy Ghost, it will … Continue reading “Show and Tell” – 2 Nephi 32:3,5

“Puffed Up” in Pride – 2 Nephi 28:25

Favorite Scripture Gems The prophets, ancient and modern, have identified two groups of people most likely to succumb to the sin of pride.  They are the “learned” and the “rich.” “When they are learned they think they are wise, and they hearken not unto the counsel of God….” (2 Ne 9: 28) “The love of … Continue reading “Puffed Up” in Pride – 2 Nephi 28:25

“Have Ye Inquired of the Lord” — 1 Nephi 15:8

Favorite Scripture Gems 1 Nephi 15:8 is a small verse of great significance. “And I said unto them: Have ye inquired of the Lord?” Nephi’s older brothers, Laman and Lemuel, couldn’t figure out what was going on. They were clueless.  Worse, they didn’t bother to find out. They were stubborn, and they were lazy intellectually … Continue reading “Have Ye Inquired of the Lord” — 1 Nephi 15:8