The Newcomer to Heaven

An Ancient Persian Parable This is an ancient Persian parable. I have used this parable in countless talks and lessons over the years. This is my version. A newcomer to heaven was strolling along on the glistening marshmellowy clouds, admiring the harp players and choruses of angels, when off in the distance he saw a … Continue reading The Newcomer to Heaven

The Tale of the Billionaire’s Deadbeat Son

The story is told of a billionaire who had a very lazy and spoiled son. As the rich man grew older, he worried about leaving his deadbeat son his inheritance. The son was a young adult, but he had never worked a day in his life. The wealthy father decided to give his son a test. He challenged … Continue reading The Tale of the Billionaire’s Deadbeat Son

Buddha’s Advice: “Next Time, Take the Boat.”

My World’s Religions professor and favorite philosophy professor was a practicing Buddhist. He shared this short, but profound, story with us. This is my version. In ancient India, an old holy man was granted a rare audience with the Buddha. The holy man entered the sacred temple and walked past the marble columns of the great hall … Continue reading Buddha’s Advice: “Next Time, Take the Boat.”

Socrates: Do You Want Wisdom as Much as You Want Air?

Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, was famous for his love of knowledge and wisdom. The story is told that one day, a young man approached Socrates and asked for wisdom. Socrates said, "Come, follow me." The youth followed Socrates as he walked to the edge of the sea. The young man followed Socrates into the water … Continue reading Socrates: Do You Want Wisdom as Much as You Want Air?

Alice and the Cheshire Cat

In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll presented an insightful dialogue between Alice and the smiling Cheshire Cat. (My friends nicknamed me “Cheshire” because I resemble the Cheshire Cat in several ways, especially the perpetual grin.) “Alice was a little startled by seeing the big Cheshire Cat sitting on a bough of a tree a … Continue reading Alice and the Cheshire Cat

Deceased Father Describes the Spirit World

 In 2017, at the Root Tech genealogy conference in Salt Lake City, President Russell M. Nelson shared a sacred spiritual experience of his grandfather. His Grandfather A.C. Nelson had a visitation wherein his deceased father described, and answered questions, about the spirit world.  (This appears to be a visitation where the personage actually appears. It … Continue reading Deceased Father Describes the Spirit World