The Greatest Modern Missionary -Joseph “Billy” Johnson of Ghana

Divine miracles abound in missionary work. Divine intervention accompanies the great miracle of conversion. The Lord performs miracles as his servants strive to “bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” (Moses 1:39) Joseph "Billy" Johnson -- the Great Missionary Joseph William “Billy” Johnson may be the greatest missionary of this dispensation.  He … Continue reading The Greatest Modern Missionary -Joseph “Billy” Johnson of Ghana

"Failed" LDS Missionaries

Some missionaries mistakenly judge the success of their missions based on the number of baptisms.  Our twentieth century prophets who served in Britain had few, if any, convert baptisms.  David O. McKay, Joseph Fielding Smith, and Gordon B. Hinckley were all discouraged and frustrated with their lack of converts. Joseph Fielding Smith remarked that anyone … Continue reading "Failed" LDS Missionaries