“Founding Enemies” (Pt 1/4) – Thomas Paine versus George Washington

We assume that all Founders were life long friends. Wrong! The Founding Fathers were brilliant, outspoken men, with strong opinions. They disagreed on just about everything.  Not surprisingly, many of these men became "Founding Enemies." The Key Founding Fathers: How Many Can You Name? It was a miracle that these “demigods” (Jefferson’s description) came together … Continue reading “Founding Enemies” (Pt 1/4) – Thomas Paine versus George Washington

2 Major Judicial Pranks

There is often great camaraderie among judges, especially when they have worked side-by-side for decades. Judges sometimes become good friends and family members. But as with most families, there is sibling rivalry. Occasionally, judges like to tease and prank each other. (I can share these accounts because any statute of limitations expired decades ago.) The … Continue reading 2 Major Judicial Pranks