Judges “Threatened” by Their Bench Chairs

One of the greatest threats to judges is their own bench chairs.  We judges get very used to our bench chairs. These plush chairs are very comfortable. Since we spend years sitting in the same bench chair, they get to “know” them and their limits.  Occasionally, we go beyond those limits. My "loaner chair" "made … Continue reading Judges “Threatened” by Their Bench Chairs

Case of the “Lazy” Husband Murdering His “Nagging” Wife

 (Caution: Violent Content) I presided over a preliminary hearing in a bizarre and tragic domestic violence case. The "couch potato" husband schlepped home after work, just in time to watch the start of the baseball game with his favorite team.  He grabbed a couple of six packs of cold beer from the fridge.  He eased … Continue reading Case of the “Lazy” Husband Murdering His “Nagging” Wife