“The Hulk” Came to My Rescue

"Court Case Friday" I presided over a case of a developmentally disabled young man who lived in a care home. He was a huge fan, ("Hulkster") of Hulk Hogan, "The Hulk," the giant world-famous wrestler and celebrity.  One morning, while this young man was waiting for the public bus to take him to an assembly line … Continue reading “The Hulk” Came to My Rescue

More Entertaining DUI Cases

DUI cases are among the most tragic. They are also among the most entertaining. DUI Driver Pulls Cop Over Late one night, a young driver waved for a patrol car to pull over. The officer approached the young man’s car. “Officer, I’ve just come from a party where I was drinking. Could you test me to see … Continue reading More Entertaining DUI Cases

Entertaining DUI Cases

(To: Great Oak High School. You are the best!) "Court Case Friday" Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases are very tragic. Tens of thousands of people are killed or maimed every year by drunk drivers. In fact, drunk drivers kill someone "Every 15 Minutes." Yet sometimes DUI cases can be entertaining. Golf Cart on the … Continue reading Entertaining DUI Cases

Judges “Threatened” by Their Bench Chairs

One of the greatest threats to judges is their own bench chairs.  We judges get very used to our bench chairs. These plush chairs are very comfortable. Since we spend years sitting in the same bench chair, they get to “know” them and their limits.  Occasionally, we go beyond those limits. My "loaner chair" "made … Continue reading Judges “Threatened” by Their Bench Chairs

“Bizarre” Religious Attire in Court

Religious Attire in the Courtroom: The General Rules Judges have broad discretion in establishing rules of practice in their own courtrooms.  This power includes standards of personal appearance and attire.  Sometimes, the judge's dress standards must yield to someone’s sincere religious beliefs.  For example, the First Amendment Free Exercise Clause generally requires the judge to … Continue reading “Bizarre” Religious Attire in Court

“Jesus is My Lawyer”

When criminal defendants appear in my court by themselves, I ask, “Do you have an attorney?” Most defendants request a continuance, so they can hire a lawyer, or they ask me to appoint the public defender to represent them. Occasionally, I get a defendant who stands erect and proudly proclaims, “God is my lawyer!” or … Continue reading “Jesus is My Lawyer”

My “Famous” Courtroom Fainting Spell

Vertigo on the Bench One morning I was on the bench with a huge docket of cases. The audience chairs were filled, and the custody cage was full of prisoners. Feeling the back pressure of the caseload I started talking faster and faster. (I was probably hyperventilating.)  All of a sudden, I felt light headed and … Continue reading My “Famous” Courtroom Fainting Spell

Even More “Eccentric” Criminals

The "Comfort Dog" Runs Amok in the Courtroom  A woman came to court carrying a chiwawa “comfort dog.” Our security screeners are hesitant to turn bogus “comfort dogs” away because of liability under the American Disabilities Act. However, the screeners should have alerted my court bailiff and clerks that she was on her way to my … Continue reading Even More “Eccentric” Criminals