Caught and Convicted Because of His Misspelled Tattoo

I was involved in the prosecution of a serial rape case.  The “perp” wore a knit ski mask making eye witness identification impossible.  (This was before DNA).  As he was committing the crime, the victim noticed a homemade prison tattoo on the inside of his bicep. The tattoo stuck in her mind because it said, … Continue reading Caught and Convicted Because of His Misspelled Tattoo

More Dumb Criminals

Juvenile Burglars with Stocking Hands I prosecuted a couple of teenagers for attempted residential burglary. As a police officer was driving down a residential road while on routine patrol, he noticed a new bicycle lying on its side on the sidewalk. He was an experienced officer with keen instincts. He knew that school was in … Continue reading More Dumb Criminals

More Entertaining Dumb Criminals

"We don't catch the smart ones." “Dumb and Dumber” and “Dumbest” Under California’s “three strikes” law at the time, if a defendant committed two serious or violent felonies in the past, if he commits a new felony, no matter how minor, he faces a mandatory 25 years to life in prison.  (Some California DA’s Offices … Continue reading More Entertaining Dumb Criminals