Joseph Smith: Man of Compassion

(In honor of Joseph Smith's birthday, 23 Dec. 1805) The Prophet Joseph Smith is often described as: strong, brave, faithful, inspired, obedient, loyal, playful, and cheerful.  But he is also a man of great compassion. Here are just a few examples of his kindness and charity. Joseph Gives the Coat Off His back In 1836, … Continue reading Joseph Smith: Man of Compassion

George Washington’s Divine Protection

The Founding Fathers and Mothers believed that George Washington was protected by "Providence" because he had a divine destiny. (Perhaps, each of us has a divine destiny.)  George Washington dodged death so many times that his survival is miraculous. He repeatedly acknowledged “Divine Providence” for his personal survival and for the success of the American … Continue reading George Washington’s Divine Protection

Miracle at Saratoga

 The founding fathers and mothers recognized the victory at Saratoga as a turning point in the Revolutionary War. They considered this miraculous victory as further evidence of Divine Providence.  One of the most important victories of the entire war was the famous Battle of Saratoga in October 1777.  This battle was pivotal to the success … Continue reading Miracle at Saratoga