Ten Laws of Matrimony: In Honor of Valentine’s Day

(I have performed countless civil wedding in my judicial capacity. Here is my wedding talk.) Ten Laws of Matrimony Over the years, I have become convinced that to have a strong and happy marriage, we must abide by the laws of matrimony.  Let me briefly share with you ten of those laws. First, a strong … Continue reading Ten Laws of Matrimony: In Honor of Valentine’s Day

The Defendant Who Was a God

One afternoon I was arraigning a large group of prisoners in the “cage” in my courtroom. I started advising these defendants of their constitutional rights. One of the women suddenly interrupted me and screamed, “I don’t recognize you.” I thought to myself, “I don’t’ recognize you either.” She continued, “I am a god. I don’t recognize you, … Continue reading The Defendant Who Was a God

The Tenant and the Haunted House

Although my primary judicial assignment is presiding over criminal cases, I sometimes handle a variety of cases. I was very interested when I heard an eviction case with a unique twist.  The homeowner was trying to evict the renter for failing to pay rent. The renter claimed he was excused from paying on the grounds that the … Continue reading The Tenant and the Haunted House

Hulk Hogan to the Rescue

Most criminal cases I handle are routine. Sometimes, especially dealing with  mentally impaired defendants, I need to get creative.    I was assigned a case of a developmentally disabled young man who lived in a care home. He was a huge fan of Hulk Hogan, the world-famous wrestler. One morning, while this young man and his housemates … Continue reading Hulk Hogan to the Rescue

Uncle Ted Tickets the Prophet

My Great Uncle Ted was the eighth Colonel of the Utah Highway Patrol (UHP).  He had a reputation for hard work and absolute honesty and integrity. His catchphrases were: “No one is above the law” and “No one gets a break because of who they are.” Trooper Ted’s reputation for stalwart integrity was solidified when … Continue reading Uncle Ted Tickets the Prophet