My DNA Results: “Whiter” Than Ivory Soap

Family History Research and DNA Test My wife "forced” me to get a DNA test. My genealogy already revealed my ancestors come from northwest Europe: Britain and Scandinavia. Hope For "Mixed Samoan Race" I was hoping the DNA results would identify me as mixed race, part Samoan I always wanted to be Samoan. I love … Continue reading My DNA Results: “Whiter” Than Ivory Soap

The “Failed” Lamanite Mission (1830)

The Mission Call In the fall of 1830, just months after the church was organized, the Prophet Joseph Smith received revelations calling Oliver Cowdery, Parley Pratt, Peter Whitmer Jr., and Ziba Peterson to serve a mission among the Lamanites. Their objective was to share the gospel of Jesus Christ as contained in the Book of … Continue reading The “Failed” Lamanite Mission (1830)

Using Endangered Species in Religious Ceremonies

The legal issues of Native Americans using endangered species in their religious ceremonies are intriguing. Here, there is a direct conflict between the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion, and the government’s need to protect endangered species.   Animals are essential in Native American rituals The use of animals in religious ceremonies is an … Continue reading Using Endangered Species in Religious Ceremonies