Presidents’ Day – “The First Four”

Thomas Jefferson referred to the Founding Fathers as an “Assembly of Demigods.” This was not an exaggeration. Here is an overview of just some of the accomplishments of the “First Four Presidents," all major Founding Fathers.    George Washington General of Continental Army First president Set historic precedents for the presidency ("Mr. President," 2 Terms) … Continue reading Presidents’ Day – “The First Four”

Defendant: “I am a God! You are a mere mortal!”

"Court Case Friday" One afternoon I had a large group of prisoners in the “cage” in my courtroom. I started advising them of their constitutional rights. One of the women suddenly interrupted me and screamed, “I don’t recognize you.” I thought to myself, “I don’t’ recognize you either.” She continued: Defendant: “I am a God! I don’t … Continue reading Defendant: “I am a God! You are a mere mortal!”

“There Is No Santa” Syndrome

Commentary In grade school, there were students who took sadistic delight in shattering the hopes and dreams of younger children by announcing, “There is No Santa Clause.” These students felt intellectual superior.  “I know something you don’t know.” Those infected with the “There Is No Santa” Syndrome grew up to become contemporary bubble-poppers, nitpickers, and … Continue reading “There Is No Santa” Syndrome

Slavery in Perspective: Past and Present

"Historical Saturday" Slavery Throughout History Egyptian Slavery All ancient civilizations engaged in the horrific practice of slavery. The primary source of slaves was war captives. Chattel slavery was accepted throughout the world for over 10,000 years. It was not until the abolitionist movement in America and Europe in the 18th Century that slavery became broadly … Continue reading Slavery in Perspective: Past and Present

In Honor of Presidents Day: The “Top Five” Founding Fathers

(When I was growing up, there was a separate National Holiday for Lincoln's birthday (Feb. 12) and Washington's birthday (Feb. 22), our two greatest presidents. Those holidays are now smooshed into one Presidents Day, and so no one remembers when Lincoln and Washington were born. Some people think that is for the best. I don't.) … Continue reading In Honor of Presidents Day: The “Top Five” Founding Fathers

“Intent of the Founders” — Separation of Church and State

The Founders Disagreed and Held Different Opinions During political arguments and constitutional debates people often cite the “intent of the Founders” to prove their point. However, discerning the “intent” is not as easy as people think. The Founders were independent thinkers with strong personal opinions. They were not united in their beliefs, statements, or actions. … Continue reading “Intent of the Founders” — Separation of Church and State