Christ’s Greatest Miracle – Silencing the Lawyers (Matthew 22:35-46)

“Then one of them, which was a lawyer asked [Jesus] a question, tempting him, saying Master, which is the greatest commandment in the law?" (v. 35) Significantly, the question was asked by a lawyer. Lawyers are experts in the law.  They are masters of entrapping people through cross-examination. This lawyer was not asking Jesus a … Continue reading Christ’s Greatest Miracle – Silencing the Lawyers (Matthew 22:35-46)

Racist Criminal and Karma

There seems to be a never ending dumb criminals. Of course, "we don't catch the smart ones." I had a prisoner in the “cage” in my courtroom who was a neo-Nazi-Aryan-Brotherhood type racist. He was covered with white supremacist tattoos. I confess that I have very little tolerance for racists gangs. They are often mean, … Continue reading Racist Criminal and Karma

The Day I Was Almost Murdered

 One of my scariest experiences took place when I was a new deputy district attorney working at the Orange County Juvenile Courthouse.    My office door was closed and I was seated at my desk working on cases.  Suddenly, without knocking, a woman flung open the door and quickly stepped into my office unannounced. She … Continue reading The Day I Was Almost Murdered

“Jesus is My Lawyer”

When criminal defendants appear in my court by themselves, I ask, “Do you have an attorney?” Most defendants request a continuance, so they can hire a lawyer, or they ask me to appoint the public defender to represent them. Occasionally, I get a defendant who stands erect and proudly proclaims, “God is my lawyer!” or … Continue reading “Jesus is My Lawyer”

The LDS Juror and The Clueless Lawyer

Just about everyone who knows me well, knows that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Most Orange County attorneys who regularly appear in my court know I’m LDS. I was presiding over a driving under the influence (DUI) jury trial. We were selecting the jury. The clerks, bailiff, reporter, … Continue reading The LDS Juror and The Clueless Lawyer