6 “Vital Signs” of Spiritual Health

6 Vital signs of physical health and well-being During my frequent visits to the doctor, six things always take place.  First, they take my weight.  Second, they check my blood pressure.  (Unfortunately, they take the blood pressure after the trauma of taking my weight.)  Third, they take my pulse. Fourth, they check my temperature.Fifth, the doctor … Continue reading 6 “Vital Signs” of Spiritual Health

Buddha’s Advice: “Next Time, Take the Boat.”

My World’s Religions professor and favorite philosophy professor was a practicing Buddhist. He shared this short, but profound, story with us. This is my version. In ancient India, an old holy man was granted a rare audience with the Buddha. The holy man entered the sacred temple and walked past the marble columns of the great hall … Continue reading Buddha’s Advice: “Next Time, Take the Boat.”