“Practical Benefits” of LDS Church Membership

"Sunday Sermon" and "Personal Experiences" I grew up in the Church. Every personal success or achievement I may have had, I owe to the Lord and His restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There are innumerable collateral "practical benefits" of membership in the Lord's Church. Here are a few. Public Speaking and Teaching … Continue reading “Practical Benefits” of LDS Church Membership

My Shortest Prayer – One Word

I had a couple personal encounters with Satan during my mission in Britain. These confrontations gave me a strong testimony of the existence of Lucifer.  I know that he lives.   One Sunday evening, my companion Elder R. and I went to a social gathering at a member's home in Cheltenham.  Several missionaries, investigators, and … Continue reading My Shortest Prayer – One Word

LDS Missionary “Seals” a Large City to “Damnation” After Preaching Just One Day

Background: Mission of the Twelve to Britain In July 1838, the Prophet Joseph Smith received a revelation calling the Twelve Apostles to serve a mission together in Britain. (D&C 118) They were to gather and leave from Far West, Missouri on April 26, 1839. Those who accepted the call included: Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, … Continue reading LDS Missionary “Seals” a Large City to “Damnation” After Preaching Just One Day

The “Failed” Lamanite Mission (1830)

The Mission Call In the fall of 1830, just months after the church was organized, the Prophet Joseph Smith received revelations calling Oliver Cowdery, Parley Pratt, Peter Whitmer Jr., and Ziba Peterson to serve a mission among the Lamanites. Their objective was to share the gospel of Jesus Christ as contained in the Book of … Continue reading The “Failed” Lamanite Mission (1830)