Obedience is better than Repentance

"Sunday Sermon" A Terrible Object Lesson on Repentance: Nail Holes in the Board When I was a child, there was an object lesson used by Primary and Sunday School teachers to teach that "obedience is better than repentance."  The teacher pounded nails, representing sin, into a board.  Repentance removed the nails.  However, ugly holes were … Continue reading Obedience is better than Repentance

6 “Vital Signs” of Spiritual Health

6 Vital signs of physical health and well-being During my frequent visits to the doctor, six things always take place.  First, they take my weight.  Second, they check my blood pressure.  (Unfortunately, they take the blood pressure after the trauma of taking my weight.)  Third, they take my pulse. Fourth, they check my temperature.Fifth, the doctor … Continue reading 6 “Vital Signs” of Spiritual Health