Hear the Lord: 3 S’s

After becoming president of the church, Harold B. Lee was asked by an annoying reporter, “What qualifies you to be prophet?” President Lee responded, “I am just a good listener.” One of the major themes in the scriptures is to “hear,” “hearken,” “heed,” and “listen” to the voice of the Lord. These words are found … Continue reading Hear the Lord: 3 S’s

The “Failed” Lamanite Mission (1830)

The Mission Call In the fall of 1830, just months after the church was organized, the Prophet Joseph Smith received revelations calling Oliver Cowdery, Parley Pratt, Peter Whitmer Jr., and Ziba Peterson to serve a mission among the Lamanites. Their objective was to share the gospel of Jesus Christ as contained in the Book of … Continue reading The “Failed” Lamanite Mission (1830)

The Book of Mormon Internal Evidence: Overview

The Book of Mormon is either a divinely inspired translation of ancient scripture, or it is a work of fiction. Joseph Smith either translated the book by the gift and power of God, or he made it up.  Joseph Smith’s detractors who personally knew him, knew he was too illiterate and uneducated to create the … Continue reading The Book of Mormon Internal Evidence: Overview