Police Reform (3/10): “Remove the Bad Apples”

The worst thing for the reputation of law enforcement is a dirty, corrupt, or violent officer. A very small percentage of police officers are "bad apples." But "one bad apple can spoil the bunch.” A “bad apple” in law enforcement undermines public support for the police and taints the reputations of good officers. I am … Continue reading Police Reform (3/10): “Remove the Bad Apples”

Police Reform (2/10): “More Women Officers”

"Defund the police" There is a tidal wave of negative publicity regarding police brutality and excessive force.  Because of police misconduct, and criminal conduct, there is a growing movement to "defund the police. " Black Lives Matter has called for the "national defunding of police." "Defund" means to "withdraw funding from." Some activists want to completely … Continue reading Police Reform (2/10): “More Women Officers”

Police Reform (1/10): “Support Law Enforcement Privately and Publicly”

Winston Churchill observed that democracy is the “worst form of government – except all others.”  That is how I view our law enforcement and criminal justice systems. This ten-part series of recommendations for improving law enforcement is based on my 10 years as a prosecutor and over 30 years as a criminal law judge. Saved … Continue reading Police Reform (1/10): “Support Law Enforcement Privately and Publicly”

“Cop Murders Suspect”

Police Violence and the Rush to Judgment We need to be cautious about rushing to judgment.  This is especially true when it involves either a criminal suspect or a police officer. I know a detective who had a very traumatic confrontation was he was a young officer. He was on routine patrol in his black-and-white … Continue reading “Cop Murders Suspect”

"My Balls Have Exploded"

(Caution: Mild Adult Content)  I had a very entertaining jury trial that completely caught me and the jurors off guard.  The defendant was charged with being under the influence of methamphetamine. We had impaneled the jury and the district attorney (DA) called as his first witness, an emergency room nurse. The following dialogue took place: … Continue reading "My Balls Have Exploded"

My One and Only Hair-raising Police Ride Along

As a rookie D.A. I was assigned to West Court in Westminster, California. (Coincidentally, that is also where I began my judicial career.) The Stanton Police Chief personally invited me to go on a police ride along with his officers. Stanton had a small underfunded, understaffed, underpaid, and under-equipped police department. (A few years later, … Continue reading My One and Only Hair-raising Police Ride Along

5 Very Short and Entertaining Police Dog Stories

Police canine units can be a great source of entertainment. “Racist” Police Dog Attacks Hispanic Officer in Uniform  One of my Santa Ana, California police officer witnesses showed up at my DA’s Office with bandages and multiple puncture wounds on his forearm. I asked him what happened.   He explained that there was a break-in at … Continue reading 5 Very Short and Entertaining Police Dog Stories

A Dog’s Supreme Act of Loyalty Inspires the World-Greyfriars Bobby

In the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, not far from the towering castle, is the small ancient Greyfriars Church. Outside the entrance to the walled courtyard of the church is a unique monument. The monument is a rock and black iron pedestal.  Unlike the towering monuments so typical of Britain, this pedestal is only about four … Continue reading A Dog’s Supreme Act of Loyalty Inspires the World-Greyfriars Bobby