My “Favorite” Arson Case

"Court Case Friday" I presided over a hearing in an interesting arson case. A fire was started at night at a home in a residential neighborhood in Westminster, California. When the fire department responded to the 911 call, the house was fully engulfed in flames.   Ashes and embers were floating all over the neighborhood. When … Continue reading My “Favorite” Arson Case

“The Church Campout From Hell” – Delinquents and Me

"Personal History Saturday" I got married on a beautiful Southern California day in January 1976.  My wife and I soon moved into a poor inner-city ward in Long Beach.  After a few weeks, I was called as the Explorer Scout Leader, and Priest Advisor. The upcoming Friday was a 3-day holiday and the Explorers had … Continue reading “The Church Campout From Hell” – Delinquents and Me