Contribution of Enslaved African Americans

American History Commentary This is "Juneteenth" Month* Enslaved African Americans played a major and vital role in establishing and building this great nation. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude.  They do not get enough recognition or credit for their contribution. They should have a large monument, like the Lincoln Memorial or the Jefferson … Continue reading Contribution of Enslaved African Americans

George Washington’s Divine Protection

The Founding Fathers and Mothers believed that George Washington was protected by "Providence" because he had a divine destiny. (Perhaps, each of us has a divine destiny.)  George Washington dodged death so many times that his survival is miraculous. He repeatedly acknowledged “Divine Providence” for his personal survival and for the success of the American … Continue reading George Washington’s Divine Protection

“The Mother of our Country”– The Unwavering Martha Washington

Most histories of America’s founding were written by men.  So, it is little wonder that the great and vital contributions of the women are often neglected.  The Founding Mothers played a crucial role in the birth of our nation. In her most famous letter to her husband, Abigail Adams pleaded for the Founding Fathers to, … Continue reading “The Mother of our Country”– The Unwavering Martha Washington

Amazing Women Continental Army Camp Followers

We regularly remember and honor the founding fathers.  But what about the founding mothers? One reason for our neglect is that most histories are written by and for men.     We recognize Betsy Ross for her “womanly sewing skills,” but why isn’t there a “Mother of the Country.” Why isn’t there a “Mother of the Revolution?”   The … Continue reading Amazing Women Continental Army Camp Followers