Loaded Gun Loose in Our Courthouse

The worst thing that can happen in a courthouse is for a criminal to get a loaded gun. This could be life threatening to witnesses, jurors, attorneys, employees, and, of course, us judges. Courthouse Security Our deputies go to extreme measures to make certain that nightmare never happens. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department does an … Continue reading Loaded Gun Loose in Our Courthouse

Police Reform (8/10): “More Less-lethal Force”

Introduction When I started in the criminal justice system, the police had only two options to subdue suspects: batons and guns. Of the millions of face-to-face contacts people have with the police every year, about 1.4% involve the use or force or threats of force by the police. (1 out of 100). About 25% (0.56%) … Continue reading Police Reform (8/10): “More Less-lethal Force”